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Due to Covid19 concerns, many test events have been cancelled. Regional events in Memphis, Nashville and Crossville will be added soon to help with coverage of these cancelled events. You can view the available dates by clicking the test schedule link below. If you need assistance scheduling or have questions regarding these dates please contact us via email or phone.

D&S Diversified Technologies-Headmaster LLP will no longer be answering phones live on Saturdays from 8:00am - 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time beginning February 1, 2020. This will not affect Saturday or Sunday test events anywhere in the country. Weekend test events will be officially scored and results posted each Monday, when Monday is not a holiday.

July 2020 Instructor Workshop sign-ups available below!

Test Observers Needed! We are looking for more test observers throughout the state. Qualifications for this position are as follows: You must be an RN with Tennessee licensure in good standing (multi-state included), with a minimum of one year work experience in a long term care setting (nursing home or VA hospital). LTC experience can be cumulative. If you are interested in becoming a test observer email your resume today to hdmastereast@hdmaster.com Attention Sheri.

For more information regarding transferring your Nurse Aide certification from your state to the state of Tennessee click, here (Out of State Reciprocity)
Please note: If you have ever been or are currently listed on the Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry, please have your certification number and call our office before completing the Out of State Registry Reciprocity Form. We will verify your certification status. If you are currently active on the TN Nurse Aide Registry, you do not need to apply for reciprocity.

D&S Diversified Technologies TN CNA skills videos are now available through a WebEtest login. Candidates can access the videos once Instructors provide them with their scheduling directions.

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Nurse Aide Training and Employment Notice 12/14
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