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Updates from Sharon & Marie
Effective July 1, 2018, after successful completion of the MAP Certification Training, candidates will have six months (180 days) to pass all three components of the MAP Certification Test and become MAP Certified. After 3 failures of any combination of the 3 components of the Test, candidates will still need to obtain remedial training, which does not extend the expiration date. After remedial training, staff will only need to take the component(s) of the test that they failed. If the candidate does not pass all three components of the MAP Certification Test within six months (180 days), he/she must again complete the full MAP Certification Training to regain eligibility to be tested by D&S Diversified Technologies.

Candidates that have begun their testing prior to the July 1, 2018 date will have one year to complete their testing before they must repeat the full MAP Certification Training and begin the full testing process again.

Candidate Forms

Test Site Forms & MAP Trainers

Knowledge Test Proctor & RN Observer Forms


Testing Application Form 1101 Three Month Test Schedule Rate Structure Form 1402 MAP Candidate Handbook 5
Effective September 1, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions ADA Accommodation Form 1404 Online Enrollment Form 1600 On-line Test RESULTS MAP INDEPENDENT TRAINERS

MAP Training Videos and Online Training Tools

Warm-up Test Short Cut
Learn to navigate an on-line test (opens in new window)
Med Pass Demonstration Video Shoulder to Shoulder Count Demonstration Video MAP terms in ASL Online Computer Based Pretest Label for Incorrectly Popped Pill Packs Steps to Success on the MAP Skills Tests **NEW**
Responsibilities in Action (RIA) Curriculum

MAP Online Registry

Public Verification Provider Login Laminated Registry Card Order Form DHOH MAP test dates

Test Site Agreement Form 1502 Test Site Equipment List Form 1503

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WebETest © Start Page
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Provider & Trainer Forms

Easy Steps for the Training Program Interface Candidate Handbook Order Form On-line Training Program Reports
  • Pass/Fail Reports
  • Written Exam Details
  • Skill Exam Details
  • Retake Summary
  • Testing Histories

Pre-Test & Mock Testing Documents

Medication Administration MOCK Testing Instructions Transcription MOCK Testing Instructions Sample Transcription Medication Sheet Sample Transcription Documents Medication Administration Instructions and Pretest Documents

PIN Request Forms

MAP Trainer Pin Request Form Provider Pin Request Form

MAP RN Observer Application Form 1500 Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreement Form 1501 Knowledge Test Proctor Agreement Form 1515 MAP RN Observer Equipment List Test Observer Agreement Form 1505 Knowledge Test Proctor Certification Form 1511 Medication Administration Test Instructions Transcription Test Instructions WebETest © Observers View Scheduled Exams

Newsletters, Meeting Notes, Webinar Links & DPH MAP Friendly Website

Updates To The MAP Webetest Interface 11-30-12 Trainer Meeting Notes from June 2013 Trainer Meeting Notes from October 2013 Trainer Meeting Notes from May 2014 DDS MAP TECH ASSIST TOOL 03/15/2018 DPH MAP Friendly Website MAP TRAINER WEBINAR OCTOBER 2014 D&S Diversified Trainer/Provider Webinar May 2015 MAP October 2015 Webinars MAP Trainer Fall 2016 Webinar

Updates from Sharon & Marie

DDS Funding Limits 6-18-13 Responsibilities in Action (RIA)
Curriculum Announcement August 2017
DMH Funding Limits 08/31/2017

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about our service. We value the feedback we receive from everyone involved in the Massachusetts MAP testing and certification process.

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