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The North Dakota Department of Health approved Headmaster to provide nurse aide written and skill exams starting in 1999. Headmaster provides North Dakota with in-facility (on-demand), regional (pre-scheduled), and electronic NA testing solutions.

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Parent/Guardian Consent Form Form 1101 ND Online Fillable
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Test Site List 1700 ADA Accommodation 1404
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Effective 3-1-2024
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Test Site Agreement 1502 Test Site Equipment List 1503 Scheduling & Payment Form 1402 Test Site Checklist

TestMaster Universe (TMU©) On-line Testing

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  • register candidates for the exam
  • complete the exam
  • submit an exam package for scoring

On-line Reports

On-line Training Program Reports Select the link above for one of these next day training program reports...
  • Written Exam Details
  • Candidate Details
  • Skill Exam Details

NDDoH Reports
TA Agreement 1505 Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreement 1501 TA Application 1500 Actor/WTP Training Affidavit 1511 Equipment List 1503 Recording Form Patient Diet Card

Fluid Intake Cups

Please see the Fluid Intake Cup order form
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Haley Gowen, Program Manager
PO Box 6609
Helena, MT 59604
Phone: (800) 393-8664
Fax: (406) 442-3357

Contact for...

  • Applications to take the CNA Test
  • Test Dates & Location Options
  • Cancellations or Rescheduling
  • Questions about your Test Results
  • Pre-test Name or Address Changes

North Dakota Department of Health

Division of Health Facilities
600 East Blvd Ave Dept. 301
Bismarck, ND 58505
Phone: 701-328-2353
Fax: 701-328-1890

Contact for...

  • Nurse Aide Registry Questions
  • State & Federal Regulations
  • Post-test Name or Address Changes